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Water Quality

Currently the VWPWD does not have any water quality data to share with its customers. The VWPWD has not performed any analytical testing other than Bac T tests.

15 homes at the VWPWD triggers the CDPHE to begin a formal oversite of the system.

CDPHE will provide the VWPWD a MONITORING PLAN and SCHEDULE and we will be required to perform a drinking water suite of tests required by the EPA and CDPHE.

CDPHE will perform an onsite inspection of the system – it will be the initial ‘Sanitary Survey.’

VWPWD has always been responsible for operating a water system that is compliant with a community water system and meets the CDPHE Drinking Water Regulation.

CONSUMER CONFIDENCE REPORT (CCR) will be required to disclose to the public details of our water quality.  It will include specific analytical testing define in the Monitoring and which is required by CO drinking water quality standards.  It will include any deficiencies noted in the Sanitary Survey. The Sanitary survey and the CCR will also addresses the public health risks related to:

  • cross connection control and the requirement for a Backflow Prevention Program.

  • Fluoride

  • Other specific water quality issues (hardness etc.)

  • The CCR is also the vehicle used to address specific concerns and best management practices for customers.

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