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Special Assessment Update - June 2024

To VWP Owners,

At a town hall meeting on May 29, 2024, the Board of Directors of the Valley at Winter Park Water District voted unanimously to impose a special assessment on all lots within the District, and this letter constitutes your formal notice of the special assessment. The Board did not make this decision without considerable deliberation and only after reviewing and discussing a variety of reports from engineers and experts we rely upon. We recognize that this is a significant assessment and the second assessment in three years. We pledge to spend these funds wisely so that we continue on the path to maintaining an operationally robust water district that is compliant with CDPHE regulations of community water systems.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the financial viability and proper administration and operation of our water system. To meet CDPHE regulations, the District must construct a new water treatment system. The current system provides water that meets the quality standards, but the current treatment method does not comply with regulations. This assessment was determined to be the best means to provide safe, dependable potable water and functional fire suppression support to the Valley at Winter Park Subdivision.

We’re grateful for your comments and appreciate the frank and civil conversations we had. We are committed to full transparency as a board. You can review the material the board relied upon, as well as the recording of the meeting at the District’s website: Minutes of the meeting will be posted once they are prepared and approved.

The special assessment consists of:
A payment of $26,250 is due on September 1, 2024 to cover the costs of the water treatment system.
Construction is planned to start in 2025. In the meantime, Board members are working with engineers and contractors to find cost savings.

Sincerely, Kerri Stroupe
VWPWD, Board President

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